About Us

Who we are

Welcome To ViaCare Medical Clinic!

We are a small business, women owned and operated clinic preventive and holistic medicine.  Funded by a nurse practitioner with 15 years of experience in worker’s compensation and Travel Health. At our practice we focus on preventing diseases, strengthening immunity and taking into account the body & mind as a whole. 

As 2020 and the COVID19 pandemic has taught us many life lessons with emphasis on the importance to stay healthy, protect ourselves and our loved ones. We have learned the value of having a strong immune system and the need for more personal health care professionals. That is why ViaCare offers onsite services at home, business, & events. If you need us, we come to you wherever you are. Our staff is available 24/7 for emergency calls and appointments. 

 All our treatments are administered by fully trained & licensed health care professionals. We carry all COVID tests available and have worked very closely with airlines, trucking companies, construction companies, and restaurants to create the best fitting program to reduce the risk of infection. With our services there is no need to get exposed in a waiting room as all of our services can come to you.

We offer a variety of services including preventive medicine and Covid-19 testing.